Aimed for Night - EP

by Robin Bacior

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“There’s no shortage of folky coffeehouse ladies who strum guitars and tell tales of wow and woe, but Ms. Bacior has a toughness that is often lacking. She sounds strong, as if any depression or lost love that might inspire her to craft a tune might also incite her to crack her instrument right over your head should the situation call for it—and that is a little exciting, no?” – New York MetroMix


released October 10, 2010

Produced by Chris Keene
Music and Lyrics by Robin Bacior



all rights reserved


Robin Bacior Portland, Oregon

Born and raised in California, Bacior took great influence from California folk traditions and brought them with her to New York, where she began to collaborate with cellist Dan Bindschedler. The two started mending in more textured instrumentation, layering dynamic sounds into simple folk structures. Bacior and Bindschedler now both live in Portland, where they're working on a new album for 2015. ... more


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Track Name: Island
I live on an island
the ones I want are close, so very close to shore
I stayed locked by land while they explore
I fear them to be washing away
roads have stretched out long and I can’t go too far
I hold yesterdays in my arms and put tomorrows at bay
and i’m not a saint.

I watch the sun order the morning to rise,
to mark the hundredth time i’ve woke with a heavy mind
loading thought through the course of the day like a train aimed for night
crowded with no station in sight
and I might long for ground below my feet turn my back on memories
I can’t remember where I placed my loyalties

and i’m not a saint.

I am seeing faces in the trees I seem limbs in the leaves
my thoughts are displaced I am blurred by daydreams
and by the night I am greeted by hot white stars
I have killed another day and am now lonesome for where the water lays
I live on an island held by a ring of shores
I long for them but am not sure what for.
And I’m not a saint.
Track Name: Tell the House
If I leave you alone,
you’ll pace around the house,
spend hours trying to figure out,
what’s been dragging you down south,
on a lost cause.
Just because you hate to be on your own,
so you drive,
try to make a new home.

If I leave you alone,
you’ll leave a letter with your plan,
well I can barely read,
the doubt runs through your hand.
Gonna leave an empty house for the night,
you wouldn’t go behind my back,
if you thought you were right.
But you know that it’s wrong,
and on the phone,
the miles can’t mask your shame,
I can tell it in your tone.

If you leave me alone,
gonna talk to the walls ’til the doorknobs bleed,
gonna tell jokes to the windows ’til they’re on their knees,
gonna dance with the floorboards too,
gonna do anything, but think of you.
Acting a fool,
under the same moon,
tomorrow we can pretend to forget,
but for tonight,
I’m telling all these empty rooms.

If I leave you alone.
Track Name: The Great Plane
Sometimes the sky opens
and i am given a plain sight.
One headed west high over land over night.
And when i meet the pacific
it’s not the flight giving me red eyes,
but the heat of an old flame boiling my blood,
with no holes for a hide.

Sometimes the sky opens
and I become glued to illusion,
caged by fantasies.
Thought they belonged to California
but that prison stretched East.
I am lost in Queens
My thoughts are mapped to an old king.
i play out a hundred unresolved scenes
but the boroughs and the dreams bring me dead ends, happy nothings.

Sometimes the sky opens
and out come birds perched on my windowsill
for me to gaze
but if i leap they leave only feathers for my hair.
You are the wound i wear,
a story I share,
my infamous tale.

Sometimes the sky closes
and I am given a clear view
of the miles of armor worn to face through.
To a side I’m well versed waiting to abandon
to a side that bites at my heels.
Well I have chosen my side for a time
and I leave all flight to the birds.
But I will keep the feathers in my hair.

Sometimes the sky.